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Date Show Judge
January NCSSC Open Show  
January Boston & Dist canine Society  
January Manchester Dog Show Society Mr G Hill
January SSCW Open show  
February 10th YSSC Open Show (D) tba Mrs G Bray (B)
February ESSC Open Show  

Cheryl Lockett (D)

John Ritchie (B)

March MWSSC Open Show  

Mrs M Botham (D)

Mrs M Lambert (B)

March SSCW

June Rutterford (D)

???? (B)

March Scottish Breeds Canine Club  
April SSCNW Open Show  
April NCSSC  
April Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales  
April 27th WELKS Mrs C Aaron
May 5th YSSC

MRS P Rigby (Dogs)

Mrs I Elder (Bitches)

May 9th Birmingham Dog Show Society Miss B Straw
May SKC Mrs S A Hirst
May Bath Canine Society Jeff Horswell
June Southern Counties Canine Association  
June Three Counties Agricultural Society Frank Kane
June SSCNI  
June ESSC Open Show  
June Border Union Agricultural Society  
June Blackpool & District Canine Society Debbie Pearson
June Windsor Dog Show Society  
July East of England  
July National Working and Pastoral Breeds Betty Peach
July MWSSC (Open)  
July Leeds & District Canine Association  
August SSCNW Open Show  
August Paignton & District Fanciers Association Mr S Mallard
August Bournemouth Canine association Mrs S Bird
August WKC  
August SKC Mrs S Hewart-Chambers
August City of Birmingham  
Sept. Richmond Dog Show Society  
Sept. Darlington Dog Show Society  
Sept. Driffield  
Sept. SSCW Open Show  
Sept. ECSSC Open Show  
Sept. SSCNI  
Sept. Belfast  
Oct. 6th YSSC Open Show Mr M Fenton (D) Mr C Attard (B)
Oct. 19th ESSC

Jane Edwards (D)

Jan Moody (B)

Oct. South Wales Kennel Association Diane Bartholomew
Oct. NCSSC (Open show)  
Oct. Midland Counties canine Society Mr M Taylor


November Working & Pastoral Association of Scotland  
November SSCNW

Robin Searle (D)

Maureen Daniels (B)

November ECSSC


Dec. 10th LKA Marion Ten Cate