Stud Dog Trophies
Alwillans Trophy Sable & White Stud Dog of Year
Alwillans Trophy Tricolour Stud Dog of Year
Alwillans Trophy Blue Merle Stud Dog of Year

To make a claim for above three trophies send name of Stud Dog and Names of his winning progeny.
(the PROGENY must have been placed 1st 2nd or 3rd at an Open or Championship show, between
01/01/2023and 31/12/23 inclusive)


Tarfin Goblet Tricolour of Year

 C.C.- 6points;  res C.C. - 5 points;   BOB- 4 points;   1st place -3 points; 
2nd place- 2 points;   3rd Place -1 point

Smallisles Trophy S/W of Year

C.C.-6 points;    res C.C.- 5 points;   1st place - 4 points; 2nd place -3 points;
3rd Place -2 points;   res place -1 point

Scylla Trophy B/M of Year

1st place at a Championship Show - 3 points;  1st place at an open show -1 point

John MacKintosh Memorial Trophy Puppy of Year

 1st place at a Championship show - 3 points; 1st place at an open show -1 point (between 6 and 12 months of age)


Note: All placings between 01/01/23and 31/12/23 to be counted.


Download a printable claim form here

Claims must be received no later that 31st January 2024

Send claims to: Linda Sorockyj 31 Syke Road, Heronridge, Nottingham NG5 9BL