Working News


I would like to report any wins by branch members and their dogs in the working disciplines, eg Obedience, Agility, Heelwork to Music rally etc

Please forward your wins, places, news etc to web mistress for upload


From Pat Wallis(October 2018)


Binka  (Peartbrook Pearl D’Or)   ended her first proper agility season with a lovely win in Grade 3 small jumping. During the winter she will be resuming her showing career
From Becca Adams(February 2018)


Just had an excited email from Becca to say how proud she is that her "Saffron" (Penvean Golden Promise At Santhia) has come fifth in the ESSC agility league. Well done Becca and Saffron


From Nina Woodhouse(December2017)

So proud of my boy Jack for winning this shield from Trent Valley dog club for his work in obedience . 


When I first had Jack he was terrified of everybody and everything. When we went to get him he just shot under a chair and wouldn’t come out and trembled all the way home. He was just under a year old. He was very stressed and this showed somewhat in his health because we had a terrible problem with diarrhoea which necessitated many trips to the vet who said it probably was just stress that was causing it. He very gradually gained confidence and his health improved . I was then able to take him into the show ring and actually managed to qualify him for Crufts. I then started to take him to obedience classes. He was about 18 months old now which for me is quite late to start training a dog but he surprised me greatly. He slowly gained confidence with his obedience work and started to become much friendlier and would approach people for a fuss. He loves his obedience work and he is very steady and predictable and doesn’t worry now about things happening around him. He had been placed in several competitions. He has even gained his Gold citizens award and has often accompanied me with my therapy dog Benji to some of the nursing homes, where he meets and greets the residents without any trouble at all now. My dog club recognised this huge improvement in Jack and so decided to award him this special trophy. I am very proud of him.

From Lian Knight(June 2017)

Licosateria Mai Rising Son 

Sonic won his first Agility CC in Scotland at SKC in May this year

From Pat Wallis (May 2017)

Blazecroft Midnight Akemi (Nimbus) 

Nimbus & her handler - Rachel Ward -have been selected for the GB development team. Rachel has only been doing agility for 4 years and Nimbus is not 3 yet.  
From Pat Wallis (Feb 2017)

I’m really looking forward to the new agility season starting.  

Bubble starts the season in Grade 7.  We’ve enjoyed some brilliant training over the winter.  Championship classes here we come.     


Binka too is set to for her debut in the agility ring.  2017 is certainly going to be great fun.

Update from Nina (March 20th)
Following on from Wispa's achievement in passing his gold citizen award after three lessons, his kennel mate Robbie also won the gold award, thus joining Nina's other dogs. He achieved this after only having one lesson. His training put on hold when Nina was hospitalised following eye surgery.
Nina's 4 boys with their "Gold" awards  

From Nina Woodhouse(March 11th 2015)


We are very proud that Wispa, today,passed his GOLD Citizen Award.

This after only 3 lessons


From Phyllis Archer (March 2015)


The results are now in for the 2014 Sheltie Agility League and

Rags came 2nd in grade 6 and Dart came 2nd in Grade 4




From Phyllis Archer (November 2014)


Rags (Yewdale Lucky Charm) is 11, he reached grade 6 but these days unless he is in a team or pairs he runs in Any Size or Veteran classes where he can jump over a lower height than he used to.
He has had a 1st and 4th in Anysize Agility, a 1st in the De-Photo team competition and a 4th in the Chatsworth pairs.




Dart (Dunbrae Royal Emblem) is 6 he is in grade 4. Unfortunately in January this year he jumped off an armchair and dislocated his shoulder. He started to compete again in August and since then he has done quite well having had four 1st and three 2nd places.


From Pat Wallis (October 2014)


Pat and her shelties have had another good year in the agility ring. Cali (Ramtin Rioutous) returned to the ring after a year off due to having his digital flexor tender repaired. Pat decided that he would only compete in jumping classes for a while until he was fully fit. Even so he managed a number of places including a 1st and 2nd in Grade 5-7 agility.



Pat was really looking forward to competing with Bubble (Peartbrook Out of the Blue) and was not disappointed. He started the year well at his very first show he made a number of baby mistakes but did manage a scrappy clear. Two weeks later he was in the ring again and won his first jumping class. He continued the rest of the season running his little heart out.

Oh how he loves his agility.

Between April and July he won ten 1st places and three 2nd places taking him from Grade 3 to Grade 5 in just a few months.


Pat is also rightly proud of her older boy,  Bry (Felthorn Flashback), who still likes to show Cali & Bubble that he is clever too.  In between competing at Darlington Championship breed show  this year he took time out to  gained his Gold Citizen Award.


For details of the KC good citizen scheme click on link below: