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Show dates are according to the KC web site but please confirm with the schedule
Date Show Judge
Jan 19th Manchester Dog Show Society Geoff Duffield
January SSCW Open show  
Jan NCSSC Open show  
Feb. 11th YSSC Open Show

Gary Haine

February 18th SSSC

E. Wilkie (D)

I. Forbes (B)

March 3rd MWSSC Open Show Hannah Walder
March 9th CRUFTS

Steve Hall (D)

Dr J Hill (B)

March 17th SSCW

Barbara Thornley (D)

Margaret Lambert (B)

March 31st Scottish Breeds Canine Club Sheila Beeney
March 31st ECSSC (Open) Angela Peddar
April 6th SSCNW Open Show Mrs D Gruszka
April 7th NCSSC

Gill Bray (D)

D Ritchie (B)

April 20th Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales Barry Croft
April 27th ESSC (Open) Val Woolley
April WELKS Karen Durant
May 5th YSSC

Lesley Goodwin (D)

Diane Moore (B)

May 10th Birmingham Dog Show Society K. Baldwin
May 18th



2 shows back to back


Caroline Friend-Rees

David Cavill

May 24th Bath Canine Society K. Greenland
May 31st Southern Counties Canine Association Maureen Arnould
June 7th Three Counties Agricultural Society Gill Partridge
June 9th ESSC (CH show) Betty Peach (D) Lyn Roberts (B)
June 15th Border Union Ag Soc. Penny Forster-Cooper
June 23rd Blackpool & District C.S K. Angier
June 27th Windsor Dog Show Society Darren Clarke
July Boston Joe Smith
July 13th National Working and Pastoral Breeds Lynn Salt
July20th MWSSC (Open) Lyn Fagg
July 21st ECSSC (Open) Sheila Stock
July 28th Leeds & District CA Bert Easdon
August 2nd Paignton & District Fanciers Association Gary Clarke
August 3rd SSCNW (Champ) Mr RJ Thomas (D )Ms L Vidak (B)
August 12th Bournemouth Canine association E. Engh
August 18th WKC Marion Withers
August 29th City of Birmingham Terry Colwell
Sept. 6th Richmond Dog Show Society  
Sept. 13th Darlington Dog Show Society Gwen Beaden
Sept. SSCW Open Show


Sept 24th ESSC (Champ)  
Sept. SSCNI  
Sept. 29th Belfast  
Sept Driffield Fran Kaye
Oct. 5th YSSC Open Show


Oct 11th South Wales Kennel Association K. Young
Oct. 12th ESSC

Stuart Gruszka (D)

Dave Lambert (B)

Oct. NCSSC (Open show)  
Oct. 20th MWSSC

Mr G Francis (D) Mrs M. Thomas (B)

Oct 27th Midland Counties CS  
Nov. 2nd Working & Pastoral Association of Scotland  


November 17th ECSSC

Steve Pierce (D)

Lisa Pettitt (B)

Dec. 15th LKA Derek Smith