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Show dates are according to the KC web site but please confirm with the schedule
Date Show Judge
Jan 4th Boston & Dist canine Society  
Jan 20th Manchester Dog Show Society Mrs B. Tunnicliffe
Jan 21st NCSSC Open show  
January SSCW Open show  
February 11th YSSC Open Show Miss M Blake (D) Mrs R Clubley (B)
February 24th ESSC Open Show Mrs V Winfield
February SSSC

M. Thomas (D)

J. Russell (B)

March MWSSC Open Show  
March 8th CRUFTS

Mrs M Withers (D)

Mr A Wight (B)

March 18th SSCW

C. Trueman (D)

M. Hart (B)

March 31st Scottish Breeds Canine Club  
April SSCNW Open Show  

Diane Moore (D)

Joanne Hardy (B)

April 21st Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales Keith Goodwin
April 27th WELKS Mrs L. Roberts
May 6th YSSC

Simone Berry (D)

Brian Hull (B)

May 13th Birmingham Dog Show Society Sara-Jane Roberts
May 18th SKC Keith Nathan
May 27th Bath Canine Society Zena Thorn-Andrews
June 1st Southern Counties Canine Association Mr I isdale
June 8th Three Counties Agricultural Society Barry Croft
June 9th? SSCNI Kay Hately
June 16th Border Union Agricultural Society Denise Rowan
June 17th ESSC (Open show) Mr C Attard (Malta)
June 24th Blackpool & District CS (No CC's)  
June 30th Windsor Dog Show Society  
July 8th East of England Kathy Main
July 14th National Working and Pastoral Breeds Miss S Main
July MWSSC (Open)  
July 29th Leeds & District Canine Association  
August SSCNW Open Show  
August 6th Paignton & District Fanciers Association  
Aug 13th Bournemouth Canine association  
Aug 18th WKC  
Aug 26th SKC Mrs F Kaye
August 31st City of Birmingham Derek Smith
Sept. 8th Richmond Dog Show Society  
Sept. 14th Darlington Dog Show Society Mrs A Stafford
Sept. 20th Driffield  
Sept. SSCW Open Show  
Sept. ECSSC Open Show  
Sept. 30th Belfast  
Oct. 7th YSSC Open Show Mrs D Linford (D) Mrs L French (B)
Oct. 5th South Wales Kennel Association Maureen Bywater
Oct. 14th NCSSC (Open show)  
Oct 20th ESSC Mrs J Hardy (D) Dr J Hill (B)
Oct. 26th Midland Counties canine Society Mrs R Sporre-Wiles

Jan Moody (D)

Barbara Thornley(B)

Nov. 3rd W&PA of Scotland  
Nov. 10th SSCNW J. Miles (D) P East (B)

Liz Ford (D) Steven Proctor (B)

Dec. 15th LKA Rosanna Smith